Just Get Back On Your Bike 🚲

Do you remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? When you rode more than five feet without falling? I sure do, it will be a day I never forget.

I learned late in my childhood. I was nine. It was on a 24-inch used bike that my parents bought for $15 off a family down the street. My mom and dad would run behind me, holding the back of the seat, encouraging me to keep looking forward. I would think, “I’ve got this,” look back and realize they had let go and down I went. When I would fall, it felt like I fell off a mountain. After about a week and many falls, I was riding all around the yard, and oh, what a feeling!

Remembering these type of memories are so essential. They help form us into who we are today. It also seems to be, the more significant the adversity, the more precise the memory. The color of the bike was red (re-painted with Rustoleum Spray Paint). The weather was warm, and I can still hear my parent’s voice saying, “don’t look back!” I didn’t have to try and memorize the scene or the feeling it is just there. I can be brought back in a moment’s notice with just a keyword mentioned.

Memories are our testimony of life. They mold us and bring us to a conviction. Get rid of the memories that do not pick you up and move you forward. Just like riding a bike, don’t look back and keep your focus ahead. If you look back with fear or regret, you will fall. If you do fall, get back up and trust and believe He is holding your bike seat. Before you know it, you will be riding with the wind in your face. One of the shortest verses in the Bible is “Remember Lot’s Wife.” DON’T LOOK BACK!

You will fall from time to time. When you do, remember to Stop, Drop, and Roll, and get back up. Those of us alive right now will never forget the year of 2020. We will vividly remember what we ate, what we did, how vital Zoom was, and how essential toilet paper is. But years from now, 2020 will seem like just a date in the history books. Create your memories today. Don’t wait, or they will pass you by. Most importantly, don’t take those around you for granted and love EVERYONE as much as you love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, call me.

Homework? Of course, take on adversity, pray for strength, build a memory, don’t look back, and RIDE!! A special thanks to all those that have turned in their homework over the past few weeks!!! What a blessing.

Happy Memorial Day!


Keith,Β Chief Friend Maker

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