Push Regardless!

Well, how did everyone do? Our challenge was to pray this week to prove Prayer Works! I can say for myself it was a very challenging week – but intermixed was some beautiful blessings. Monday morning, I received news that two of our employees at LPC lost family members over the weekend. One to COVID-19 and the other the result of an infection. Neither could be at their loved one’s bedsides to give support as they took their last breath. These are some very tough times we are living in and very hard to stay focused. Plus, I set the challenge for the week and needed to step it up and do what I said I would do. I need to push through, regardless and do my part. The blessing part came during prayer when a very inspirational story came to my mind.

A certain man had a massive rock outside his home. One day, the Lord spoke to the man, “My son, I have something I want you to do, and I want your complete obedience,” “of course, my Lord, tell me what you want to be done,” the man replied. The Lord then told the man, “see that huge rock outside your home? I want you to push it every day. Push it with all your strength.”

The man immediately started pushing the rock with all his strength and continued pushing the rock daily. After some time, he became very discouraged. Months later, the man finally got fed up and asked the Lord, “Lord, why are you ordering me to do something impossible? For many months, daily, I’ve been pushing this same rock with all my strength, and I haven’t moved it even an inch. You want me to do something I’m not capable of,” the Lord then replied gently, “My son. I didn’t tell you to move the rock. I only told you to push the rock every day. Look at your body; your arms and back are strong and muscled, your hands are callused from the constant pressure, and your legs have become massive and strengthened.”

“Through opposition, you have grown much, and your abilities now surpass your previous strength, yet you haven’t moved the rock. Your calling was to be obedient and push to exercise your faith and trust in My wisdom. This you have done. I, My child, will now move the rock.”

Always remember that “Prayer” is not a one-way conversation with God. He is not an entity that we go to, to ask for “things”. He is a Power that will speak to us if we listen. When I came to a crossroads in my life, an intelligent older woman of God gave me this straightforward advice. “I am not asking you to believe my words, ask God yourself, and He will tell you.” I took her challenge seriously, and for the first time in my life, He did!

I plead with you to remember why we are doing this. I need this reminder just as much, if not more, as all of you. We have some very tough challenges in the upcoming weeks and the rest of 2020 with our small businesses, careers, lack of employment, and, of course, our families, neighbors, and loved ones. My challenge this week is to continue to pray and let’s listen for His voice. I have no doubt He will give you and me direction and peace that passes our understanding.


Why-Power dominates Will-Power every time!


KeithChief Friend Maker

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