Stay The Course

“Patience is a virtue.”

We all want to see the results of any labor immediately.

It’s natural and completely normal to experience those expectations, but we know it is NOT reasonable.
Why then would marketing and branding be any different?

It is a LONG GAME kinda thing.

A new Facebook Ad or Instagram picture isn’t going to change the game for you or me but done consistently, over time, it will.
A week after an effort to make a culture shift in your company might actually create some friction, but keep going for two years, and the LONG GAME will show results.

Send one email and quit. Mail one postcard and quit. Both are mistakes.
Stay the course.

Immediate results of any effort are rare and typically lead to the chasing of those results again.
On the contrary…consistent and thoughtful execution over time will lead to momentum.

Create momentum.


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