Sometimes You’re Too Close

Take a step back.

The only way to really appreciate a picture is to take a step back so you can see the whole thing.
If you only look close, you could miss what the entire picture is expressing.

Work is a picture.
Branding and Marketing is a picture
Your next decision is a picture.
Life is a picture.

When we decided to change the direction of our company that was doing the same thing for over 125 years, we had to take a step back. If we had stayed too close, we would have entirely missed the boat.

Sometimes it is easy to take that step back and see the whole thing, and sometimes it hurts. There are also times you may need to have someone grab your hand and say, “you’re too close, come see what I see back here.”

The decision to see the whole picture whether it is good, bad or someone has to show you…could change everything.
Or don’t and you could miss something beautiful.



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