Carrots In My Salad

I didn’t like carrots in my salad until I did.

Anytime I had a choice to have carrots in my salad, my answer was always, “No thank you.”
Until one day…

…I went to lunch with my friend Anthony at a local Lebanese restaurant.  We sat down and discussed what we would order. Anthony suggested the chicken salad, but let me in on a little secret…he said, “you have to order it Vince style.” It was not on the menu at the time, but all the servers knew what it was. So I went for it, and you can probably guess what was in the salad…yep, carrots.

But, it was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. The way the carrots were chopped and mixed in the salad opened my eyes to how good carrots can make a salad.  The extra crunch and flavor were out of this world.

How many things do I refuse to accept as good, important, or possible because I’ve only had them delivered to me the wrong way?

Social media
Company culture
Loving what I do

…are just a few “carrots” that I hear excuses around ALL THE TIME!

“Social media is bad”
“Company culture is secondary”
“Doing what you love is a pipe dream”

All three are good, important, and possible.
You don’t think so until you do.


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