My Mind Is Blown!

The demand for brand therapy

According to this study, the responding brands…
55% believe their internal brand culture is aligned with external brand values
35% of respondents believe they understand their role in delivering a branded customer experience

So, about 1/2 of the responding brands believe their culture matches what the company says about itself in its marketing and only about 1/3 know how they can even deliver the brand to the customer.

The foundation of branding is what happens inside the company.
With percentages that low, there is an actual “cry out” for brand therapy.

But let me give you another stat…
81% of respondents BELIEVE that experience is a stronger driver of brand performance than communications

So, over 80% of the responding brands believe that delivering the brand experience is most important, but about only 1/2 think their culture is aligned deliver the experience and even less know their role in delivering that experience!

Work on the foundation and the rest will come.



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