Independence Does Not Mean Alone

The United States of America celebrates our independence today…consider this.

When I was a teenager, all I could think about was my independence. I couldn’t wait to be in a place where no one could tell me what to do, where to go or how to do things. I wanted my independence!

What I didn’t realize was, my parents and family had started from the time I was a baby to train me to be independent.  They encouraged me, corrected me and showed me how to do it on my own, so that one day I wouldn’t require their input to function on my own.  As I grew, I took all of what they taught me, used it and then molded it to fit my world to help me be the best person I could be.  My independence came from the effort of a team as much as it meant me by myself making decisions.

Independence is a group thing.

There were 6 people who signed The Declaration of Independence in 1776…also consider all the pilgrims and visionaries it took to get to the point that we, the United State of America, would be able to declare independence from our parents.  It took a team over many years with the same passion and vision.

Independence does bring liberty and freedom as long as we remember that it comes by the effort of many and not just one.

As a child, independence is all about self. As we grow older and wiser, independence becomes selfless.

Independence gives the freedom to help others. Independence gives the liberty to inspire others to do what they love.

Independence is not meant to be done alone…bring along some friends.

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