Perfect or Done?

So you have a great new idea that you want to go after…

You’ve got two choices before sharing it with the world…perfect or done.


Choice #1

Perfect – make it completely free from faults or defects.

Choice #2

Done – past participle of do or complete.


You can’t have both, so you’ve got to choose…

Perfection is a process that never ends.  You can get closer and closer over time, but never quite reach it.  Perfection is nice, but keeps us from done.

Done is not perfect, but is shareable. Done inspires other ideas. Done gives us the feeling of accomplishment. Done releases us to next.

I know you are working on something TODAY that is not perfect, but it may be done.

Stop waiting for perfection to lead to done. It doesn’t. It can’t. It won’t.

Do it the best you can and then be done.  You’ll be surprised at what you can do next.



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