But I Don’t Want To

I need to do a better job marketing my business…


I don’t want to learn something new.

I don’t want to use social media.

I don’t want to read books.

I don’t want to have to motivate others.

I don’t need my culture to reflect my purpose.

You might not actually be saying these things, but…

You’re not learning something new.

You aren’t using social media.

You are not reading books.

You are not actively looking for ways to motivate others.

Your company culture does not reflect your purpose.


Things are different from 20 years ago. Things are different from 10 years ago. Things are different from 5 years ago. Things are different from last year.

If you hope to properly brand and market your business today you’ve got to think about tomorrow…where is it going and how will you do it your way?


Let me be honest here…

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a real estate professional that refuses to see social media as a viable avenue to spread his/her presence and reach. This person says it is all about relationships and word of mouth…which I do not disagree with, but the process and means in which those relationships are built is expanding everyday.

People want to be taken care of, engaged, wowed, and motivated.  That has not changed, but the ways we do it has dramatically. Social media is one of those ways.


If you want to properly brand and market your business, your hobby, or even you, you MUST be willing to…

Learn something new.

Use social media.

Read books.

Motivate others.

Make your culture reflect your purpose.




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