Did You Ship Something New Today?


I love to sit and think about things. I love to strategize and imagine.

While all of that is great – imagination doesn’t get stuff done.

At some point I have to do something.  At some point I need to take action. At some point I have to break through my own fear of failure and take a step.

I’d rather sit, think and plan until I’m sure everything is perfect or fool-proof, but guess what – it won’t be until I try, fail and improve, then try again.

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but imagine this…

A world of people only doing what they know works. A world of people not willing to try something new.  A world of people not willing to find others who feel differently, because we should all feel the same.

Why does this matter?

There is always time, energy and money allocated to fit the mold or to do what others do.  What if there were more companies willing to allocate that same amount of time, energy, and money to do it their own way?

Every company has the ability to ship something new and different – right now. Many don’t know how to find that one thing, so in reaction they ship what others do.

Do something

Stop just imagining your company as a place that does more than sell widgets, and do more than sell widgets.

Stop just imagining your company as place that sets the tone for your industry, and set the tone.

There is no one telling you that you can’t, except you.

Tell yourself to, “shut up” and ship something new!

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