It’s 6:47pm and I’m on my way home from work.

I’m thinking about all the things I have to do tomorrow to stay on schedule at the LPC.  This is going great – that isn’t working…you know, that kinda stuff.

At that very moment, at 6:47 on Tuesday night, like I got slapped in the face…I thought, “But what about right now at 6:47? What am I doing RIGHT NOW?”  That other stuff will be there in the morning, but right now won’t be.

I realized I’ve got to do everything I can with right now. Wherever I am gets 100%.

The meeting I’m in – give it everything I’ve got.
My kid’s homework – give it everything I’ve got.
Date night with my wife – give it every thing I’ve got.
Vegging out and resting – give it everything I’ve got.

Right now is counting on everything you’ve got…don’t let it down by focusing on what’s next.

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