Just Quit…It’s Easier

What are you good at?  What do you want to be good at?

They can be separate things, but in some cases they align.

What happens when what you are good at or what comes naturally for you doesn’t produce the desired results?  Do you just keep doing the same thing or do you try to do something new…even if it requires more work?

Every time my kids start something new they cry and complain that they’ll never get it.  I’m talking about things like riding a bike without training wheels, climbing a tree, doing a cartwheel, or jumping rope.  When they fail, they are flabbergasted that they couldn’t do it on the first try.  Then on the second try, if it doesn’t go perfectly, they try to quit.  They look at me and say, “I’ll never get it even if I practice.”  They say this because they know how I’m going to respond to their failure…”If you practice, you’ll get it.”

We naturally always choose the path with the least resistance, but if that path produces “crappy” results? You better choose a tougher path that requires more effort or head in a direction that you are a little scared to go down.  We tell our children to “just try,” but as adults we find the most comfort in the known.  It is childish to act and fail with all the information at our fingertips, right? I believe that every child’s purpose is to learn.  At what point does that purpose change?

Don’t be too smart to learn something today.  Don’t be too old to try something new.  Don’t be so scared that you won’t take a chance.  What are you trying to be good at?  If you want to be good at what everyone else is, then don’t do anything different.  You have a purpose that needs to be shared with the world, so do it the only way YOU can!

This guy knew what he wanted to be good at and is among the most elite skateboard dancers…haha.  Is that even a thing?  Well, he sure decided it should be a thing and got really good at it.


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