I’m The Expert

Everybody is an expert at everything…right?

That’s what the internet has allowed us to believe.  If I can watch a YouTube video about exercising, then I am a personal trainer.  If I watch a video about applying makeup, then I am a makeup artist.  If I watch a Netflix documentary about global warming, I am an expert about storms.  While we are way more informed today, there are still experts in their fields.

I can fix my toilet, but a plumber knows how the water flow of my house works.  I can put gas in my car and push the gas pedal, but a mechanic can tell me how all of that works together to make my car go forward.  We can do a lot of things ourselves, but we are not experts.

Beware that you are not instructing experts because you have some limited knowledge of a small part of the whole picture.  We have to (me and you) re-learn to lean on, have confidence in and trust the experts.  We have all been drinking the Kool-Aid that everything is easy and you can just do it yourself.  Why does this matter? Because the time you spend trying to be an expert at something you are not, you drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on being better at what you are actually an expert at.

Release yourself from needing to control or be an expert at everything.  Hire an expert, trust them and be an expert at something for someone else.

You’ll be amazed at the expert you become.

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