A clear message is better than a good one.

I recently ran a 5k, and while on the run, there were people cheering, some playing music and some sharing their messages.

I turned the corner and there were street evangelists yelling Bible verse after verse.  I enjoy reading the Bible, but in this instance I couldn’t make out much of what they were saying.  They were reading long passages and did not look very happy about what they were saying.  They actually seemed a little angry.  Since it was a running race, they had about 3-4 seconds to give any sort of message. For some reason, they chose to scream passages, hoping to make an impact or change?

At the very next corner there was a man standing there, clapping his hands saying to all who passed, “Great job, keep staying healthy.”  What a simple message and I still remember it today.  It was short, it was encouraging and most of all it was clear.

Your message can be simple and important.  Don’t think loud and long means anyone will listen.

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