Don’t start with HOW, because you’ll never remember WHY.

What do you do for a living?

Most people answer with HOW they get paid.

Now ask yourself WHY you do what you do everyday to get paid.

That’s what you do.

Sorry, can’t change your answer…or maybe you can.

Example 1:
I fix computers. Why? I get paid to do it.
Translation – I’m a professional paycheck collector.

Example 2:
I fix computers. Why? It’s what I know and I’ve been doing it forever.
Translation – I am the Yoda of computers and I keep people from the “Dark Side.”

Example 3:
I fix computers.  Why? I love seeing people smile when his/her computer is fixed.
Translation – I help people smile for a living.

With the exception of example 1, isn’t the WHY a better place to focus? Remember why you do what you do best and you’ll NEVER lose focus.  Start with the WHY and the HOW will come.

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