Read Books…It Makes You More Smarter


I just wanted to share something that we have instituted here at Lee that has brought us together and continues to help us stay inspired.  We have created a “Lee Library” that any employee can pull from and gain knowledge on leadership, marketing, self-improvement, money management, and even fitness. It has been very well accepted.  While most of the books are available to read or listen to at the team members leisure, we do have some books that are mandatory for every employee and others that are department specific.  Just like any new endeavor it has not been perfect, but it has been a piece of the puzzle that has transformed us into a company that is unified, focused, and excited about where we are headed.

Our first mandatory read for all team members is “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Through this, we have literally watched team members change before our eyes.  We’ve seen changes from the top down. Much of the change can be attributed to reading, opening our imagination, knowledge, compassion, understanding,  and much more (along with a lot of prayer and consulting with the man upstairs).  We have seen a transformation take place and we plan to continue to encourage all team members to take advantage of the opportunity to be the best version of themselves through continual learning.

Watch for our very own book coming soon!  More details to come.

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