Change is good……ALL THE TIME!

Change is the price of progress…

I got this phrase from a book I just finished. I absolutely love this phrase and I think it is entirely true. I’m the kind of person that will move the living room furniture around just because it has been the same way for too long. Not sure if that’s a good quality or a problem. Anyway, change is exciting to me. It keeps me guessing and on my toes. Change keeps me from getting complacent. It also keeps me thinking about what the next move should be. Change is good…ALL THE TIME!!!!!

Allow me to explain, I was involved in a youth group and during the meetings, there was always a table located on the left side of the building where the people in charge sat. The table was on the left side of the room for as long as I can remember. We did it that way because….well um…I guess…because that’s just the way we always did it. One evening, I happened to be in charge of the meeting and I made a suggestion to my superiors that at our next meeting I was going to set the table up on the other side of the room. The response I got was along the lines of…if the change did not have a specific reason then do not do it. I could tell that the change was not exciting to the few I presented it to. So, I could not move the table. Looking back, could I have presented it better? Sure. Regardless, I could still think of about 3 billion reasons why the change would have been positive. Presentation aside, being put outside of your comfort zone is way more than just a positive. Sometimes, it can be life changing. Moving the table was not going to be life changing, but it told everyone else that we thought about the meeting, we planned, and it could have actually kept everyone guessing what would happen next. If they move the table to the other side what else could happen…I guess anything…how exciting!

When I say change, I’m suggesting that we should always adapt the way we do things. The way we do all things, even a fundamental foundation like love. How can you change that? You really can’t, but you can change the way you show it and share it. When things are going good we should be thinking of the next thing to make progress. If you are not changing, then you are not progressing. So, if you’re afraid of change, then think of how scary NO PROGRESS sounds and make change your best buddy.

Change is a friend when treated like one. Help it along, be gentle, handle with care, and always remember to include it in your day. If you want to progress you MUST change.

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