Don’t wait to see to believe

Have you ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  You might be waiting a long time…

When my wife and I put our kids to bed each night we say things like, “I love you to the moon and back.”  Then they’ll respond with, “Well, I love you to the moon and back, and back.”  We go back and forth trying to put into words how BIG our love is for each other.  We do this knowing full well that we will never be able to fully depict how BIG it really is.  We know our love is bigger than any object or distance, but interestingly enough we’ve never held it in our hands or actually saw what it looks like. Despite the fact that it cannot be seen or touched, love is arguably the realest thing that anyone can experience. The feeling of love, the noun, is a result of love, the verb, that we show though action everyday….or the feeling of love is intangible, but it comes by tangible action.

I’ll give you another example.  Last Friday we were absolutely slammed here at Lee.  We were having a hard time keeping our heads above water and it was evident that it was wearing on “Team Lee.”  About 11am, my dad finds me and says, “Tell everyone I ordered pizza…it’ll be here at noon.” I walked around the shop and told the team they were doing a great job and pizza was on it’s way for lunch.  The outlook on the team completely changed for the day.  Without even realizing it they began to rally together and their skepticism changed to optimism right before my eyes.  The tangible pizza brought about a very real intangible feeling of optimism. Try to touch a good out look. Try to hold it in your hands.  You can’t!  But you can spread it, you can share it, and best of all you can create it.  You better believe it’s real!

I do myself such a disservice when I spend of all of my time measuring only the things I can touch and see.  At work, if I only measure efficiency, sales, and/or profits, I may miss a large portion of very real but unseen factors like optimism, inspiration, and tenacity.   At home I shouldn’t just measure efficiency, money, or even just minutes spent engaged with my children or wife. What about being sure to check my compassion, understanding, or even my consistency? Do your coworkers honestly feel that working with you makes them a better person? Take into account if you do or don’t.  It matters even though you can’t put it into a spread sheet. Do my kids say they love me to the moon and back, and back? We all know that’s worth more than gold, so I should be making sure I assess that daily. So, in addition to checking our spreadsheets and TPS Reports, if we choose to include assessing those wonderful, unseen, but absolutely real feelings, we will see things that we could have never believed.

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