What is more important awareness or money…the ALS ice bucket challenge

There seems to be, in my mind, a ridiculous debate over the ALS bucket challenge.  Should we be dumping water over our heads for a cause, or just donating money, or both.  What ever you decide or are able to do…getting a bucket of icy water dumped on your head should be included.

In 2011, Japan was hammered by a tsunami.  Many lives were lost and  there was much destruction.  The lives could not be replaced, but the only way the “average joe” could aid the ones who remained was to donate money.  Many felt compelled to help in any way they could.  Many dug deep and found a way to help.  Really, how could you not after seeing and hearing of the devastation.  The spirit of giving and love was automatically there when we were made aware of the circumstance.   I wonder what would happen if no one told us there was a tsunami? Would I have donated any money? Would I have woke up one day and said, “Boy, it is a great day, I should send some money to Japan.” Awareness was key to my donation. Without awareness there is no money (donation).

The people in Japan could not be aided by just awareness either.  They needed money for food and medical attention.  So, awareness with out action is dead…right? I believe in people more than that.  I believe when people are aware of need, we, as a whole, help.

Without a bunch of people dumping ice water on their heads, many wouldn’t even know what ALS is, let alone the need for donations. If you found yourself deciding only to donate to this awesome cause, you should consider the importance of spreading awareness (dump a bucket of water over your head already).  If you found yourself only able to spread awareness, you should feel good that you may have spread the word to someone who could do both.  ALS needs both awareness and donations, but never make the mistake of assuming your donation is more important than sharing awareness.  Awareness brings action and action changes things.

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