Preparation for execution

I was with my wife recently as she was being prepped for surgery…

She asked how long the sugery was going to take and the nurse responded, “We will prep you longer than the actual surgery takes.”

I thought that was very interesting.  From the moment we walked into the hospital my wife began to be prepped.  Even the forms and paperwork were preparatory, but she went in that day for surgery.

There are TV shows based on surgeons and surgery rooms, but no shows based on the guys/girls who prep the rooms? Why? It’s not exciting.

I remember how excited my family got when my kids took their first steps.  I don’t go crazy every time my kids take a step now, but if it had not been for that first step the other steps would not have come.

Often, in our endeavors, we want to get right to the surgery and skip the prep, or skip the baby step and start running. Normally, the prep is a long, hard, and grueling process so we just want to get to the execution; but in reality the preparation allows for better more appreciated execution.  So, lets embrace and enjoy the preparation.

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