Be an open system…you might end up liking The Carpenters?

I grew up in a household that did not like the musical group “The Carpenters.”  When they came on the radio my parents would change the channel.  Without even trying, my parents trained me to not have a taste for “The Carpenters.”  Now, fast forward some years later and my wife and her family really enjoy listening to, you guessed it, “The Carpenters.” I would tell my wife all the time how corny they were and I couldn’t stand to listen to their songs. I realized one day that I was a closed system.  Meaning, I didn’t like “The Carpenters” because my parents didn’t, and that was it.  Unless, I could open myself up to other points of view , upbringings, and backgrounds, I would stand on a belief solely based on what was handed down (closed system).  Truth be told, I’m not a real fan even now, but I can deal with them.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the disorder of an isolated or CLOSED system never decreases, because isolated systems always evolve toward a state with maximum disorder. Unless, there is an outside force or energy to keep boundaries. Which is called an OPEN system.

Open systems allow outside influences to help keep it from reaching MAXIMUM disorder.  Many find comfort in a closed system because they believe it creates order when in reality it heads straight for disorder…never learning, just doing it that way because we always have, staying close-minded to possibly better solutions.  There are some absolute truths that we should hang our hats on daily, but along with those we should strive to be open systems and you never know, maybe one day, you’ll like “The Carpenters.” Or maybe not.

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