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I have been sick for three days now, and I am SO over it!

I just got over pneumonia, needing two rounds of antibiotics to beat it.  My immune system is totally shot.  My son recently had a sniffily nose, and handed his germs off to me.  When my body got a hold of it, it had no defenses left.  Now, I have a stuffy nose and a cough that is knocking me out, which I am told was on its way to being pneumonia, again, had I not started a now third round of antibiotics. If my immune system was strong, this little cold would have been a small bump in the road.

Think of the culture of your company as your work place immune system.  You will encounter problems and other situations that could infect your organization.  The culture will either fight against those problems and situations to stay healthy, or lay down and allow the infection to spread.  If your organization puts in the time now to build a strong positive culture, then when the tough times come, your company’s immune system will fight off those things that could grow into something much bigger or worse.

Drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep and eat your vegetables to keep your immune system strong. You should be doing the same for the culture of your team, organization or business. If you don’t you’ll spend a lot of time being sick.

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